I just updated the 35mm Gallery with a bunch of new photos that are also available to purchase as prints in our online Shop. All prints available in 4x6/8x12 (contact for specific size) with your option of a frame or not.

- Shadie Boy


This drop took forever to do because of the bullshit life throws at you but it's finally here. Dedicated to one of my best friends, my brother Luis who recently passed away. This Shirt design was a collaboration between him and I. Luis was originally supposed to model this piece but unfortunately life had other plans. I decided to reach out to his younger brother Carlos to have him model this piece and luckily he agreed because honestly it wouldn't feel right having anyone else. ALWAYS UP TO NO GOOD | KING LOU FOREVER

- Shadie Boy



It's been awhile since I've posted on here. I have a million projects and things I have been working on since the last drop. Don't think that I have been sleeping though because that's not in me. Aside from photography and art I have always had a passion for music. Ever since I was a kid I was drumming on something with utensils or playing the air guitar to some of my favorite songs. Besides playing instruments, I have been booking local shows with some of my best friends for the past 3 years. We decided to get pretty legit with it and started a booking agency called Break The Laws Booking which to us means that we will go past any stereotype or politics on what type of music and shows we have to book. We all grew up in one of the best scenes in the whole world (Southern California Hardcore stand up) but we are open to every type of genre of music to book. We have a show coming up this Sunday at the DA in Pomona, CA with our boys in No Altars from Arizona and it will be a fun one without a doubt. Roll out and let's show our Arizona homies how we get down. Donations will be held for one of my fallen friends who passed away on August 23, 2015 and a fest will be held for him on October 2nd. Aside from booking shows the new Painful Dayz shirts are finalized and will begin printing them as soon as I catch my breath. #wombatlives 

- Shadie Boy


So we officially released our new Painful Dayz "FREE GUCCI" vol.1 drop and worked really hard on everything from the printing to the photo shoots. Lots of sleepless nights and time went into this release and I'm so stoked to finally be able catch my breath. Shout out to everyone that has been supporting so far and I hope you guys continue to keep fucking with PD, trust me we just getting started. Head over to the SHOP and cop some threads. Thank You Guys.



BTWDTW Chico 1
BTWDTW Chico 2
BTWDTW Chico 3


SOD Skier1
SOD Skier2
SOD Skier3

- Shadie Boy